Friday, December 2, 2011

6 Of Nature's Most Diabolical #Predators

Fungus gnat maggots produce dangling strands of mucus that are illuminated by  glowing bacteria to lure moths to a sticky end in the Glow Worm Cave of New Zealand.  Broods of the parasitic blister beetle clump together and release pheromones to imitate a female bee, luring down a male so they can hitch a ride. When the hapless male eventually finds  a real female bee to mate with the grubs transfer to her and she witlessly carries them back to her nursery where they feast on her young. The Portia spider designs a new tactic for every individual spider they hunt, playing on the prey's species, behaviours and circumstances. Some female fireflies imitate the mating flashes of competing species to lure the males  in, kill and eat them. The cobra lily lures insects in, traps them, and devours them when they fall exhausted into a drowning pool of corpse filled fluid. The assassin bug impale prey on straw-like mouthparts, pump them full of digestive enzymes and suckout their innards. Ain't nature grand!


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