Monday, October 10, 2011

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011

Here is a gallery of this year's winners which include categories for animal portraits, animal behaviour, urban wildlife, hidden Britain, coast and marine, wildlife in my backyard, habitat, British seasons, living landscape, documentary and young photographer. There is no doubt that there are some superb photographers out there!

Posted by Astrojenny

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Will repost this link to photographer friend! He'll LOVE it - well spotted Jenny ;o)

I am always in awe of photographers, being of the out-of-focus-overexposed-thumb-in-the-picture-heads-cut-off-lens-cap-left-on school of camera work :(

Me too! Thank goodness for Digital cameras. The guy I've given link to did our wedding - he's amazing and TOO modest - hope he reads this!!!

I hope he reads this too and leaves me some tips on taking photographs!

Ha ha - he is very helpful whenever he can be - great bloke!!NEEDS to be on Twitter!! Get on it Sam!!!

Drag him on here. I need all the photography help I can get

Hello Ant and Astro Jenny

Those photos are brill, I wish I could take pictures of wildlife, as at the moments its just drunk partyheads!


Hello Sam!
Welcome to the blog. I try to post a wide variety of photo galleries so keep checking in. Got some doozies coming up of macro and microscopic galleries in the coming weeks, plus some surreal photos and some bug based art too. Would love to get some of your insight and input :)

Hey Sam! I wasn't drunk till at LEAST an hour into wedding. Ha ha ;-)

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