Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cockroaches Discuss Food

It has long been known that cockroaches feed in groups in kitchens at night, but a recent study  has discovered that instead of foraging individually, they are able to make group decisions about the best food source. It is thought that the cockroaches communicate by  pheromones as a chemical in their saliva or a hydrocarbon on their bodies.  The next task is to identify the chemicals involved. This could lead  to improved pest control techniques either to make insecticides more effective or as bait in traps.

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This is probably going to work well! After all we can't nuke em apparently ;)

They certainly are tough little critters

Thats really interesting... Thanks

Do you think they write a menu as well ?

Today's specials are on the board?

Fascinating. When I lived in the Mddle East in the 80s, a favourite trick among the kids was to catch one, and put it on a leash of cotton and take their cockroaches for walks like small, multi-legged dogs. The 'roaches rarely complained. Wouldn't chase after sticks though....

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