Monday, October 10, 2011

Rabies Kills More Than 55,000 A Year!

According to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, the total is more like 70,000. Rabies kills around 100 children every day and threatens just under half the world's population. Although efforts are underway to control rabies in dogs, which are responsible for 97% of human rabies cases, it can never be stamped out in wild populations of bats, raccoons and groundhogs. A bat was responsible for the only recent UK death in 2002.
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This needs far more press - well done for posting this!

Most people think that quarantine laws have eradicated the problem but it is still out there in the wildlife

Suppose it is so statistically low that other priorities take over :o/

Statistics may be low but a very scary disease, expensive to treat in humans and impossible to eradicate in wildlife :(

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