Monday, October 10, 2011

The Battle To Save Britain's Wildlife

A study by Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit finds that a number of our best loved species are in decline. Red squirrels, hedgehogs, Scottish wildcats and harvest mice have all declined due to habitat loss and invasive species out-competing native ones. Red squirrels could be extinct within 20 years, while the hedgehog population has fallen to about 1.5 million individuals compared with 30 million in the 1950s. However there are grounds for optimism with increasing populations of otters, bats and water voles. Of the 25 monitored mammal species native to Britain, half are either stable (though not necessarily in a good state) or increasing. Surprisingly Britain still does not have a national monitoring system so only half of mammals are being monitored. 
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Reminds me of me younger days watching Tarka the Otter! We NEED a monitoring system urgently! Madness!

And 'Ring of Bright Water'! (sniff - something in my eye) I was shocked that there isn't a comprehensive monitoring system in place. Would seem to be essential!

I'm worried about the hedgehogs having lost one last year in our garden, wonderful animals!

No the future isn't looking good for hedgehogs. Such a shame, they are fascinating creatures as well as a real gardener's friend

I'm keeping my garden wild for 'em

So now I have an excuse NOT to garden as well as NOT to do housework!

That's my excuse too! They love my garden!

I am warming to the 'Save wildlife. Be lazy' approach :)

Bedbugs get me out of changing sheets regularly - but me wife just won't allow this! ;o)

I can think of an excuse for pretty much anything based on bugs! Bugs rule! ;o)

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