Friday, September 30, 2011

When Giant Bugs The Size Of Seagulls Ruled The Air

When Giant Bugs The Size Of Seagulls Ruled The Air

300 million years ago huge predatory dragonflies & other massive bugs buzzed in the air. It had been thought that the bugs became so large because they benefitted from the oxygen rich atmosphere but recent studies suggest the opposite may be true & that the young larvae had to grow large to avoid being poisoned by excess oxygen. This Carboniferous period was characterized by vast lowland swamp forests that led to oxygen levels of about 30%, almost 50% higher than today. One way to minimize the risk of oxygen toxicity would have been to grow larger.

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Thats really interesting. Thanks!

You're welcome! I'm just very grateful those giant bugs aren't around today! :(

You would need a very big bug swatter...

and pretty big muscles to use it!

It would be nasty clean up if they hit your windscreen the small ones are bad enough !

You're gonna need a bigger boot (to stamp on a bug that big)

Saw a dragonfly larger than a humming bird in Cuba, which was the nearest I'll get to this!

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