Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clothes Moths!

Now's the time of year where we normally take fall clothes out of storage...only to find that our sweaters now sport a constellation of small holes. Moths love nothing more than to chomp on cashmere, winnowing a collection of cardigans down to a small handful.
Moths seem to be a hit-or-miss issue with most people. Some toss their woolens aside for a season without any special consideration for storage and never have an issue. Others painstakingly dry clean and pack away their cold weather clothing and find the tell-tale holes. Can you guess what camp we're in?
Which leads to the question: Are we using moth balls? No. They might keep moths away, but the smell also has a repellent effect on the world around us. But we have tried the go-to natural repellent (cedar) products and came up...well, still hole-y.

Capybara recommends the exceptionally strong, odourless, clothes moth pads!

The attractant in these glue pads is pheromone based, using the same slow release matrix technology as the crawling insect glue pad, no need for fiddly attractant tablets.

An excellent clothes moth pad! The best we can find and the best value for money. Easy to use, simply peel back and place in room.

Perfect product to place in wardrobes to protect clothing.

Will catch for up to 3 months!
Simply the best clothes moth pad on the market!


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