Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warm Spring Brings Swarms Of Aphids To Towns

Warm Spring Brings Swarms Of Aphids To Towns

Record numbers of greenfly & blackfly are being reported across the country. It is thought the cold winter caused the demise of many of the aphids natural predators. There then followed a very warm spring causing the populations to soar. Competition for food is driving these swarms more & more into our towns & cities. It doesn't end there. The warm spring is also responsible for increased incidents of wasps & it is predicted that the general increase in insect numbers will result in a rise in spider numbers next summer.


My wife will not like that! ;)

It's been a very buggy year all round, and going to be a bumper autumn for spiders too :(

It has indeed, and we have some magnificent webs currently in my garden.

I have a MASSIVE web across my kitchen window. HUGE perfect circle with the tiniest spider I ever saw in the centre. She must be overcompensating for something I feel

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