Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Antlion Colony Thrives In Norfolk

Adult antlions look like small dragonflies, their larvae are less attractive and lie in steep sided burrows waiting for prey to fall in whereupon the antlion grabs it and sucks it dry. This rare insect is now thriving in a nature reserve in Norfolk. In 2008 700 larval pits were found on the site. This year the colony has trebled in size to number 1,905 larval pits. The larvae live for two years before becoming adults and then only survive for a few weeks. The only other known colony in the UK is in Suffolk.
Posted by Astrojenny

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Used to see these quite a bit when I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 80s. Fierce little monsters, there were several of their pits in my back garden, although it took me ages to find out what lived there.

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