Monday, November 14, 2011

Killer Spiders from Australia invading Britain...

Pest control has just got scarier!

Check out this article about spiders a species of the infamous black widow spider entering the UK.

Killer spiders from Australia invading Britain

Redback spider ... bite can cause chest pain and has killed 14 in Australia
Redback spider ... bite can cause chest pain and has killed 14 in Australia

SCARY spiders from Down Under with a painful bite that can KILL are being found all over Britain.

The Australian redback, a relative of the Black Widow, is one of the deadliest in Oz. Experts warn it is part of a wave of foreign creepy-crawlies invading us — including the German Cockroach and Pharaoh Ant. They arrive in imports and travellers' luggage.
Redbacks were found all over the country, including a dozen at a factory in Preston, Lancs. Pea-sized with a red stripe, their bite causes pain, swelling, nausea, chest pain, fever — and responsible for 14 deaths in Oz.
Others in a pest control poll were: GERMAN COCKROACHES: Over-running world. Stink. Hard to kill.
PHARAOH ANTS: From Africa. Love hospitals. Feed on wounds.
STINK ANTS: From Africa. Smell of rotten coconuts. 100,000 in group.
CRAZY ANTS: From Oz. Named because they zig-zag. Painful bite.
Richard Mosley, of the British Pest Control Association, said: "These insects are on the move."
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