Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Council Cuts leads to boom in rat population...

Council cuts leads to boom in rat population

Britain’s rat population is booming due to reduced rubbish collections and cuts in council budgets, experts have warned.

The streets of medieval London swarmed with rats. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire
Rat population now at 80 million
It is estimated the number of rodents has rocketed by over 40 per cent in the last decade putting the population in excess of 80 million.
Much of the rise is being put down to the reduction in council pest control departments as local government budgets are being squeezed.
But other factors such as fortnightly rubbish collections and cuts in drain clearance are also being blamed.
Householders are now being offered advice and tips on how to prevent and treat infestations in and around their homes.
The failure of councils to deal with the problem is also helping fuel a boom for private pest control firms.

Richard Kemp, vice-chairman of the Local Government Association said: “In light of a £6.5 billion local government funding shortfall, some councils have decided to restrict the pest control services they provide to only the most vulnerable people in their communities.”
Another factor that experts believe has helped boost the rat population has been the introduction in fortnightly rubbish collections.
Almost half of all councils have stopped collecting bins on a weekly basis which has resulted in more fly-tipping and more refuse being piled up outside properties.
A cut in drain clearance services by some water companies has also helped the rat population flourish.
Kevin Moore, owner of Surekill-Pest Control in West Yorkshire explained: “Council refuse collections are a factor, but one of the main issues is that water companies are cutting back on dealing with drains to save money.”
He added: “Domestic clients need to be more aware that there are more rats and they need to know not to leave any water sources out that might lure rats towards their properties.”
While many people are choosing to treat the problem themselves by putting down poison, this is resulting in animals such as birds and cats being accidentally killed.


DIY Pest Control is possible if done according to the label and safely. Use rodent boxes to make sure the poisons are cleared away from any untargetted species.

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