Monday, November 28, 2011

Simply fascinating #nature...

6 Things Animals Do Just Like Us.
Dolphins, crows, primates and parrots name their babies as they have been observed using unique calls to get the attention of specific members in the group. Whales sing pop songs. Humpback males sing a hit song that can spread half way round the globe until an innovator in the population starts to sing a new song which catches on and becomes the new hit.  Female chimps play with dolls. They take sticks, logs or vines and cradle and cuddle them like babies, even putting them to bed. Bengal finches are sticklers for good grammar. Researchers found the birds got very irate when a jumbled recording of their songs was played back to them. Chimps use on third-party mediators to resolve disputes.  When two male chimps argue  a female will step in and use mutual grooming to bring the two back together. Some monkeys & primates can be taught to understand and use 'money', even to the extent of using it to buy sexual favours.


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