Wednesday, November 23, 2011

County Uses Explosions To Control #Squirrel #Infestation

Rodenator Used To Blow Up Squirrel, Gopher Tunnels

POSTED: 5:45 pm PST November 22, 2011
UPDATED: 5:53 pm PST November 22, 2011

County workers blasted squirrels right out of their tunnels today at Pioneer Park in efforts to control the squirrel and gopher infestation.
"I would say there's 200 to 300 squirrels in this park right now," said rodent exterminator Jerry Ellis.
Squirrels and gophers have dug hundreds of holes and can carry disease like the bubonic plague.

To solve the problem, the county sent out a worker and the Rodenator -- a machine that pumps propane and oxygen into the tunnels, then sets an electric spark that causes an explosion. The concussive blast kills the squirrels and collapses their tunnels.
Use of the Rodenator has sent shock waves throughout the community with some people calling it inhumane.
"I think its murder," said resident Karen McDonald.
"It's inhumane, it's dangerous," said Erica Langston.
"It pains my heart. They don't have to do it. They can take the squirrels someplace else. They do that with other animals," said McDonald.
Residents suggested using poison.
"The reason we do this rather than the bait is bait in a park is not good. We don't want any young kids getting poisoned," said Bob Lerude of the County Parks and Recreation Department.
"Back east in New York, you throw a water line down into the hole with some vinegar. You flush them out," suggested Langston.
Lerude says that tactic is not practical.
"Think about a park like this with the acreage. You couldn't have enough hoses in the park to fill up all the holes. Because of the gophers it's not practical at all," said Lerude.
Lerude says this is their only alternative.
"Unfortunately that's what we have to do to make the park safe," said Lerude.

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