Friday, June 17, 2011

Nightclub closed due to rodent infestation...

Limerick nightclub forced to close due to rat infestation at derelict site

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THE TRINITY Rooms, one of Limerick’s leading nightclubs, has closed with the temporary loss of 50 jobs, with management citing “health and safety concerns” associated with neighbouring derelict buildings which were due to be developed as part of the stalled ‘Opera Centre’.

The Limerick Leader understands that these concerns are to do with an “extremely serious and widespread infestation of rats” in the derelict buildings, which have lain idle for several years.
Trinity Rooms management would not discuss the alleged infestation, but a source said: “There is a serious infestation down there and it is coming in from the Opera Centre and I would say it is affecting every place down there. It is a huge problem. Answers are needed as to how this problem is going to be dealt with.”
The nightclub closed last Tuesday immediately after the problem was discovered, and the Health Service Executive was notified. The HSE told this paper they were “aware of the situation” and that environmental health officers had been “in touch with city council”.
A Trinity Rooms spokesperson confirmed that the premises was “temporarily closed due to a health and safety concern”.
“We brought this matter to the attention of Limerick City Council and the HSE on Tuesday of last week immediately on discovering the issue and voluntarily agreed to close the premises with immediate effect,” said the spokesperson.
The HSE stressed that they “did not force the closure of these premises”, explaining that the proprietors “contacted us after they had decided to close and informed us of their difficulties”.

Capybara Says:

Run-down neighbouring properties are always going to be problematic and attractant rodents into the area. Landlords should maintain properties and make sure public health pests like rats and mice don't cause neighbouring businesses and homes any distress.

Local environmental officers can enforce the clean up of any properties which cause a negative environmental impact and cause health concerns.

Rodetn pest control 


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