Friday, June 10, 2011

The Star: Mum in Please fior Action on Fleas

Published on Sunday 5 June 2011 14:09

A TEENAGE single mum has told how moving into her first property turned into a nightmare - because the house was infested with fleas.

Kelsey Scrivens, aged 19, who has a two-year-old son, Coby, moved into the two-bedroom semi-detached house, in Clara Place, Kimberworth, at the end of March and spent almost £1,000 on new flooring and equipment such as a fridge and cooker.
But she said that within weeks, she noticed she and her son were being bitten.
She said: “We were getting bites on our arms and legs.
“The house was clean and tidy when we moved in, so I don’t know where the fleas were living.
“When I complained to the landlord, South Yorkshire Housing Association, they said I must have a pet, but I don’t.”
South Yorkshire Housing Association sent workmen around to fumigate the house at the beginning of May, but Kelsey said the fleas returned so she decided she could no longer stay.
She said: “I wanted the house because I had been living at my mum’s and wanted more space - but it’s turned into a nightmare, so I’m back at my mum’s.
“I can’t move back until the fleas are gone because it’s not a good place for my son.”
Kelsey’s mum, Marie Darnley, said: “Within weeks of moving in, my daughter and grandson had been bitten all over. The workman who came round to fumigate the house told us they could have been dormant in one of the cupboards or floorboards and reappeared due to bodyheat when people were back at the house.”
South Yorkshire Housing Association said it would arrange for the house to be fumigated for a second time.
Sharron Dyett, its housing services manager, said: “Miss Scrivens moved into this property on March 28.
“After she had been there for over six weeks her mother reported there were fleas in her home.
“The property was clean when she moved in and it wasn’t clear how the infestation had happened but as a goodwill gesture we arranged to fumigate the property.
“On June 1, after a further three weeks, Miss Scrivens’ mother reported that the property was infested with fleas again.
“We do not know how the reinfestation has occurred but we have arranged a further fumigation.”


It's incorrect in thinking that only pets bring fleas into your home. Fleas can be transported in via humans or other wildlife, such as the neighbours cat.

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