Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swarm of 7,000 bees in garden

Swarm of 7,000 bees in garden

A QUIET Bury street was well and truly “buzzing” when 7,000 honey bees descended on a conifer tree.
The giant swarm is believed to have been attracted by the sap of the tree in the garden of a house in Westbury Close.
Owners Vera and Joe Rinkevicius had to pay £80 to have the bees removed yesterday.
Mrs Rinkevicius, aged 84, said: “I was looking out of the kitchen window and saw all these things in the air. We do get flying ants from time to time but I knew they weren’t ants.
“I flew upstairs because the windows in the loft conversion were open. Because of the sheer number of bees, I couldn’t see outside. Some were inside, but I managed to get them out before they all came down onto the conifer.”
The 7,000 bees remained together on the tree from 4pm on Tuesday until they were eventually put into a box and taken away yesterday morning by a private beekeeper.
Mrs Rinkevicius added: “Apparently, the earth near the tree is sweet smelling and they had gone for the sap. But that tree is now coming down “When they all suddenly arrived, it was quite frightening. I didn’t go outside and just kept all the windows shut. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”


Capybara Says:

Bees are rarely a pest and are perfect for gardens, however, 7,000 bees can seem quite daunting. Beekeepers often take the bees away and re-home them and collect the honey. More often then not, this can be done free of charge. With bees its imperative that the beekeeper catches the Queen, without the Queen, the bees will fly off and die.

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