Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clothes Moths

A bit of information of those golden shiny flying moths! The larvae looks like a fury grain of rice and its those tyrrants that can cause so much trouble...

Common Clothes Moth, Tineola Bisselliella

The moths are approximately 5 mm in length. Forewings are yellowish-brown, and there are
usually three distinct, dark dots on the outer third of each wing. Hind wings are smaller, lighter
and fringed with hair and scales. Eggs are whitish, and larvae are opaque-white with brown heads.
Clothes moths rarely fly to light and instead prefer darkness, such as a closet or storage chest.
Any clothes moths fluttering around the house are probably males, because females travel by
runnin, hopping, or trying to hide in the folds of clothing. The female lays 100 - 150 white eggs on
the surface of the fabric which will hatch into larvae in approximately 5 days. The period of larvae
development is usually 6 weeks, during which time the larvae actively feed on the fabric, however
this can take considerably longer under cooler conditions.

1: Clear the room as much a possible and place clothing/ furnishings into bin liner. If possible, hot wash otherwise shake outdoors and spray slightly Insectaclear D.
2: Close all windows and doors and use 1 x mini smoke per room you are treating.This will kill everything adult clothes moth. NB: Disable smoke alarms and place generator of piece of foil.
3: Leave for 2 hours, vent room and where possible spray underneath and edges of room.
4: Place 1 pad per room to monitor and catch further adults. Leave pad for up to 3 months and change if required.


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