Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Battle Against The Common Cold

October hails the peak of the UK's 'winter remedies' season as we rush to the chemist shops to stock up on decongestants, cough sweets and hot lemon drinks. The average adult in the UK can suffer two to five colds each year so remedies are big business, but a cure remains elusive for a number of reasons. The common cold is caused by up to 200 different viruses and by the time the symptoms appear it is too late for an antivirus. Any cure would have to be extremely safe with no side effects, as it would be used by so many people and if it was widely used the cold viruses would soon build up an immunity in the same way that bacteria have to antibiotics. The BBC has outlined some of the more popular remedies that have been tried throughout history to alleviate the misery, from chicken soup to Mrs Beeton's homemade cold remedy.
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