Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something For The Weekend: Bedbug - Seduce Me!

I love Isabella Rossellini's award-winning Green Porno. A series of short films about the reproductive habits of various animals . They are scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining and definitely adult in nature. I will be linking to this series over the coming months. What more could you want than one of the most beautiful women in the world, dressed as bedbug, acting out bedbug sex?
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Mmmm, Isabella. Love these little films. Informative and fun too.

You'll be pleased to know I will be linking to more videos from this series in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Hmm perhaps they should keep their dagger in a sheath

Interestingly bedbugs of both sexes use antibacterial agents to guard against the STDs the males transmit that can kill off their sperm.

see previous blogpost

So patent these agents for human use. See $$$$$$ signs.

I think that is exactly what the research is looking into
see previous blogpost :)

That certainly was an interesting way to learn about bedbugs !

Proves that you learn more if you are engaged, & what could be more engaging than Isabella!

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