Thursday, October 20, 2011


There are 40,000 species of spider across the world. All but one are carnivorous. They use a variety of techniques to hunt, the most obvious being their use of webs, made from a light, elastic and strong silk that human technicians have long wished to emulate. Spiders range in size from the size of a dinner plate to the size of this full stop. They liquidize their prey before consuming them. Here is the BBC's definitive guide to everything you ever, or never, wanted to know about our eight-legged friends
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Can I just say that I really like spiders? (In a family of arachnophobes too!) Recently spent an interesting hour chatting with the spider expert in an exotic pet shop in Enfield. He enthusiastically showed me his collection (Oo-err missus!). Was hoping he'd let me hold one too but that didn't happen :-( Fascinating things.

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I love spiders too now. Used to hate them but an ex boyfriend kept tarantulas & I became fascinated by them

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