Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Contagious Are Bedbugs?

In the past bedbugs have been accused of spreading everything from cholera to polio to bubonic plague, though there is no evidence to support the idea that they spread disease. The current resurgence of the pest in America and talk of a 'Bedbug Apocalypse' has experts looking for answers. Three factors determine whether a plague spreads or dies: the rate people come into contact with the pathogen, how long an infection remains contagious and how easily the contagion is spread. These factors, multiplied together give you the basic reproduction number of an infection, the average number of people who will be infected by a single case. If the number is below 1, the contagion dies out, if it is greater than 1 then the contagion spreads.
Posted by Astrojenny

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Ad long as I don't have to sleep on plastic sheets it's ok ;)

All guests will be fumigated before admission ;)

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