Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fish Using Tools

We are getting used to seeing various primates, and birds using tools but this amazing video is the first I have seen of a fish doing so. The wrasse digs up a clam, carries it over to a rock quite some distance away and then throws it repeatedly at the rock to break it open. That the fish swims passed various other rocks until it gets to one that suits its needs shows some forward planning. All other cases of tool use within fish have involved one or other species of wrasse crushing shellfish by using a rock as an anvil.
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Had interesting questions about this post from Mark - 'Why did the wrasse evolve this 'trick', what did it utilise prior to this, and how long did it take? What brain structure grew?'
According to Bernardi who shot the video Wrasses are inquisitive, all are carnivorous & very sensitive to smell & vision. So maybe
this behaviour was 'learned' from a happy accident & passed onto others.
Anyone else got any thoughts?

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