Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 Animals With A Design Flaw

Ever wondered why mayflies live such short lives? It's because they have no mouths! When they reach adulthood they lose their mouths and from then on they starve to death. They may have great camouflage, poisons and intelligence but octopus can only mate once in their lives and then they die. The Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish can't swim, they can only drift at the mercy of wind and waves. Tarsiers are adorably cute and they can see in the dark, rotate their heads almost 360 degrees, climb and leap up to 40 times their own body length, but if they fall to the ground they are finished, because the tarsier can't walk. The wonderful shoebill, my favourite ever bird, can't fly. Scorpions are nocturnal but being fluorescent must make it hard to hunt for food. And slavemaker ants need their slaves because they can't do anything, not even feed themselves. 

Posted by Astrojenny

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I feel bad! Poor creatures! Evolution might eventually sort these guys out! I'm still waiting to evolve my flying capabilities, so I can zoom off on holiday whenever I want ;-)

I want X-ray vision, wings and the ability to read minds please!

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