Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here Be Dragonflies

Dragonflies are the most ancient groups of insects and also among the fastest flying insects, capable of amazing aerial acrobatics. They can fly upside down, straight up or straight down, or hover in mid air. So how do scientists go about studying a dragonfly's hunting or mating techniques? This fascinating video shows how one group of scientists are using high speed cameras to learn more.
Posted by Astrojenny

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Love dragonflies and can't understand why people are sometimes scared of them :))

I love to stand by our pond and listen to the Dragons wings clicking and rasping as they change their flight direction in front of me. Such a contrast to the beautiful, silent, floating flight of the Damsels as they hunt and look for mates around the pond margins. Utterly magnificent creatures.

I agree. Some look like they were crafted by Faberge or Tiffany and sound like they are driven by clockwork. Mesmerizing to watch them.

And every colour in nature. Sat and watched a Banded Demoiselle hatch this summer, came out a dull grey and was soon irredescent blue/green. Little miracles.

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