Thursday, October 13, 2011

Britain's Wildlife Revival

Otters, salmon, red kites, buzzard, sparrowhawk, peregrine falcon  and egrets are just a few of the conservation success stories in recent years. Otters, which came close to extinction in England & Wales during the 1970s due to pollution, are now found in every English county. Most British cities now have at least one breeding pair of peregrines. Some species have recovered due to conservation measures: cleaning up waterways or reintroduction schemes. Some, like the wild boar have escaped from captivity to recolonise areas. Others like the egret have colonised new areas due to climate change. But among all these success stories there are still many species being pushed beyond their limits by climate change. 

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Wonder how much would've happened without human intervention?

Good point, but we are responsible for most of the decline in wildlife species so it's only right that we do something to help redress the balance

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