Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TED Talk: Bonnie Bassler On How Bacteria "Talk"

I hope you are all familiar with the awesome site that is TED - Ideas worth spreading. It is the internet's raison d'etre. A warning though the site is addictive. Once you start watching some of the  mind bogglingly varied talks by some of the worlds greatest thinkers, movers & shakers, you will not stop. Anyway I will be linking to some of them here from time to time, starting with this gem about the chemical language that bacteria use to communicate.

Posted by Astrojenny

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Oh no! Can't be looking at another addictive site. Plus you're making biology and chemistry really interesting too!!! :-))

I can get lost in TED talks for days. Thank yo for your kind words. That is my aim, to find quirky, juicy, nuggets of scientific interest and share them with as many people as possible. Science IS vital :)

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