Saturday, October 22, 2011

Killer Seaweed!

Over 1,000 acres of beaches in Brittany have been covered in a noxious mass of seaweed called sea lettuce that has been responsible for the deaths of various animals including a horse. In one area alone 38 wild animal corpses including badger, coypu & wild boar have found been since mid July. All died from inhaling hydrogen sulphide "sewer gas" emitted by the rotting heaps of seaweed. Environmentalists blame farmers, as intensive farming in the area causes high levels of nitrogen to be released into rivers & streams. The farmers blame climate change. Levels have been building up since the 1970s & cleaning up the problem is made more difficult as it is not just the weed that must be removed, but also the underlying deposits of toxic mud that have been built up over decades.
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Could this be used as a fuel to burn?

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