Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepest Worm Lives Beneath A Mile Of Rock

Nematode worms are one of natures great survivors. They are found in desert, mountain, and ocean and even survived on the space shuttle Columbia after it disintegrated on reentry. A new species of nematode, the deepest known animal, has been discovered in a rock fracture a mile underground, in the Beatrix gold mine in South Africa, where no other animal has been found. It was thought only single-celled organisms could inhabit the bedrock beneath our feet but now the search is on to find other such creatures. Every new extremophile organism found, extends our knowledge of what life needs to survive, and of the possibility of life being discovered elsewhere in the universe.
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Journey to the center of the earth gone extream! Thats really cool!

Makes me wonder how deep we can go and still find life

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