Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Widow Spiders Invade Factory

I hope black widows can't swim, or afford the bridge toll, because this is just across the Humber river from me! An engineering firm in Barton-upon-Humber have had some surprise visitors. Three of the spiders, including a deadly female & a brown widow were found in a shipment of aircraft engines from America. Workers managed to trap each one & are now keeping them as pets in jam jars until they can be re-homed in a wildlife park. Environmental health officers were informed & have inspected the shipment & declared it now safe.


That was a little too close for comfort :(

Back in the early 80s we were summoned to an aircraft by some worried-looking cargo loaders. On opening the cargo door on a recent arrival from the Caribbean they were confronted with a large hairy spider sitting on top of the baggage. They quickly closed the door and called us (Dunno why they thought engineers were the right people to call). One of my colleagues trapped the cold and sleepy tarantula in a tupperware lunchbox and we handed it over to the airport RSPCA. Good fun.

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