Saturday, October 8, 2011

Citizen Science -Help Scientists Identify The Creatures In Your Home

The Wild Life of Your Home project was launched on August 21st to collect samples from rural and urban houses initially in America but it is hoped the scheme will  expand globally. 
Volunteers are sent a sampling kit with instructions to collect dust from key biomes around the home, including door frames (inside and out), refrigerator, couch cushions and even their own bodies. When submitted the scientists will analyse the samples and send the findings back to you & compare them with others. it is hoped the project will uncover new species and encourage people to think about the life they share their homes with. 

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I'd be pretty ashamed if scientists analysed the stuff in my home. There must be creatures unkown to science in this place. Must do more hoovering......

Look on it as an expedition! Who knows what lurks in those dark & dusty corners. I shall collect my samples wearing a pith helmet and carrying a machete! :)

There's one corner of my house a human size bug lives I'm not going near it !

I have one of those! I call it 'Son' :(

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