Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forget Spiderman, Here Are 7 Real insect Superpowers

Darwin's bark spider produces the strongest natural substance on Earth, spinning silk that is 10 times stronger than Kevlar and 25 times stronger than steel. The fishing spider can walk on water to catch fish. Tiger moth's can jam a bat's sonar. The ironclad beetle lives up to its name with the hardest exoskeleton of any arthropod in existence. The humble fly has 360-degree vision &  it takes it just 100 milliseconds to spot a flyswatter and calculate the exact escape route needed to get away (faster than you can blink) By a combination of smell, sight and heat detection, mosquitoes can not only pinpoint your exact location from over 100 feet away, they can also detect your blood type. Nasutitermitinae termite soldiers have a gun in their face that shoots poisonous glue!

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Makes Spiderman seem a bit lame in comparison

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