Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Are Mosquitoes Disappearing In Parts Of Africa?

Scientists are unclear if the disappearance of malaria carrying mosquitoes in parts of Africa is due to eradication methods or if they will return. Malaria infection rates are falling dramatically in Tanzania, Eritrea, Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia due to effective control programmes. However a team of Danish and Tanzanian scientists  have been collecting and counting the number of mosquitoes caught in thousands of traps in Tanzania for 10 years. They caught over 5,000 insects in 2004. By  2009 the numbers had had dropped to just 14, & this in an area where bed nets & other controls were not being used. It is not clear if the decline is due to chaotic rainfall in recent years, due to climate change, disturbing the mosquitoes natural development cycle or if the mosquitoes are succumbing to disease. The worry is that if the mosquitoes return there will higher levels of disease & mortality amongst children who have not been exposed to malaria during the last 5 or 6 years.

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Wow that IS a BIG fall! Hopefully they just stay low, but doubt it - looks like the weather explanation works :o(

Trouble is if they come back and the kids have no resistance to them :(

That's my worry - die and stay dead 'orrible bugs :o/

I love animals and usually wont hurt a fly, but anything that can harm anything I love more - TOUGH :o]

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