Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fruit Bats Fitted With World's Smallest GPS Devices

Egyptian fruit bats fly many kilometers each night to feed on specific fruit trees, and return to their home roost the same night. To understand how the bats locate individual trees, scientists attached tiny GPS devices to the bats. The results suggest that the bats carry an internal map of their territory based on visual landmarks, but also use another large-scale navigation system.  Scientists fitted the bats with miniaturized GPS devices & discovered that they  went to the same trees each night, even bypassing apparently identical trees that were nearer to home. The team then relocated the bats but they still managed to find their way to the trees & home caves. It was only when they were released within a deep crater that the bats took time to orientate themselves. The team suggest that along side visual clues, the bats can sense the magnetic fields or use directional odours to navigate.

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