Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mouse Grounds Plane

Mouse Grounds Plane

An SAS Airbus 330 flight from Stockholm to Chicago had to be grounded when a mouse was seen scurrying across the floor prior to boarding. The 250 passengers were stranded in the Swedish capital as the SAS staff attempted to capture the stowaway. Despite intensive searches & laying various mouse traps the rodent remains at large.  The airline was concerned that, as well as upsetting passengers the mouse posed a safety risk as it could chew through the aircraft's cables.

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This sort of thing happens more often than you might imagine. I've, on more than one occasion, had to deal with the consequences of mice (And other wildlife) inside aircraft. Damaged wiring, nibbled fabrics, mouse poo. One small mouse can do many dollars worth of damage.

Fascinating! Would love to hear what other wildlife you have had to deal with :)

Hmm, locusts (In Saudi Arabia), Small birds. A monkey once, on an arrival from South Africa I think. Bit a loader.

A monkey? Wow they'll let anyone fly those planes! Love the idea that some birds are lazy enough to hitch a ride. I wrote about a shipment of engines from USA that arrived across the river from me and had black widow spiders inside! Must be very hard to guard against such things.

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